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Guinevere Van Seenus

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Anonymous said: What are some of you favorite false lashes?

I stock up most on Red Cherry #42, Ardell Wispies, & Ardell Double Up


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/ The product of a sleepless night

/ Grid Nails

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Oahu, Hawaii | Time-lapse

At salsa I’m mediocre, at merengue I’m pretty good 💃 #girlsnightsuccess

Anonymous said: are you adding a lookbook page on your website? i think that would be awesome! :) im diggin your website!

Thank you for your support!  I was kind of worried this question would be coming… At this point I just feel more comfortable posting flat lays of outfits.  I’ve felt so awkward 1) finding someone to shoot my outfits 2) (like most bloggers do) putting auto timer on and shooting myself 3) posting a bunch of pics of myself in a row.

Its inevitable though… growth wise, its necessary to post outfits.  I’ll get there but it takes a lot of confidence- hopefully you’ll keep following until then!



💗 Thank you Aunty & @cara_ann for my Hawaii gifts 😻 How cute is the #Pusheen kitty donut though??

Anonymous said: Hi. I'm headed to London and was hoping for a good reco on clubs. Thanks in advance for any info you can share. Btw, love the new site. Also, I love u!!

Hey!  I haven’t been to London since I was in middle school, unfortunately. Hopefully someone will see this and respond…

Does anyone know of some good nightclubs in London? Please drop it in my ask box, thanks!

I’ll post it up for you if we get any responses.  And thanks for following it!

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