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Rode a bike for the first time in 5-10 yrs… And survived. 🚴🚴🚴🚴 Thanks to my part of my girl group (mostly we do covers of songs but rap battles happen too) for the moral support 🏆 (at Santa Monica Beach -Los Angeles)

Missing you all already! #CandisThaistheKnot bachelorette success 😘👰

So, my scratch card 🍒 was popped… And not only did I lose, but I also cracked my phone as well. #Notmyluckyday (at Mojave Desert)

Trifecta - one to pour, one to protect the dress, and one to drink. ✨Cheers #candisthaistheknot || sorry for the true vision (at DBA - Hollywood)

Wait. What?? In between watching Amanda I do drink. || #candisthaistheknot

When I come to LA, I bring my own gogo @amandasevy (at Bootsy Bellows)

Me taking a selfie, with Jesse taking a selfie with Marvin. Selfie-ception. || (Jesse aka “Cliff”) (Marvin aka the stoned bird) (at my ten yr old self is fan girling)

Boardwalk kreepin 90s vibez (at Venice Beach)

The fucked up thing about LA is that I freak out at 1:30 & start gulping alcohol. Stupid 2am closing times. || #DBAmondays #candisthaistheknot (at DBA - Hollywood)

Hi, baby 😻 @lauren__elizabethxx thank you for your hospitality 💕 || #DBAmondays (at DBA - Hollywood)

#CANDISthaistheknot did you know?! T-28 ish days until Thailand to celebrate love 💕 || #RealHousewivesofVeniceBeach (at Sound Nightclub)

Know your role, Chief! @thewhitneygreen || #candisthaistheknot #bbychipmunk (at Sound Nightclub)

Bitches straight road trippin’ 🚙 on out way to you @candisz !! || #knowyourrole #weadaclasstladiesat (at State Line)