Anonymous said: Thank you for the glamour doll reviews ! :) you're the best!

^_^ thank you, let me know if theres anything else you want to see reviewed!

Anonymous said: sorry if this sounds creepy but what kind of bra (if you used one) did you wear with the Antigua dress?

None. Can’t, the back is mesh and so are the shoulders. I suppose you could use a sticky bra if you wanted to but it’s not necessary; the dress offers enough support in my opinion ~

Anonymous said: Hi I was wondering what size you wore in your Jordan Bred 1's? Typically I'm a size 7 in womens. Your sneaker game is on point might I add! Love your style, keep up your style and beauty tips... They are so helpful!

I wear a (boys youth) size 5.5 in the 1’s and a size 5 in most others (11’s, etc).  The 1 just fits me a bit tighter.

Thank you! :)  Which pair are you planning on getting?  Love the Royal 1’s for a girl, but you also can’t go wrong with breds…


Anonymous said: Can you please do a review/demo of all the lip products you got?

I’m lagging I know! So far they seem really good and pigmented, not to mention I think the whole line is pretty affordable (It was gifted but its a new brand so it will be a lot cheaper than Nars/Mac prices).  I got them about a week ago but I’ve just been so jet lagged.  Later this week, promise :)

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said: It is comedy to me when people write you "hate" on here. Jealousy makes people act in strange ways. Keep living your fabulous life and doing you doll! x

:) I appreciate your support, hope you’re having a good day! xx

Anonymous said: Your skin and beauty posts are amazing! Any good advice you know or have heard about regarding scar remedies and such?

Thank you so much! Hmm that’s something ill have to look into more for you. Acne scars, flat scars, or raised keloid scars? I think for flat (and slightly keloid) they say a silicon based scar cream is best. For acne scars, shiseido and murad both have great lightening creams for discoloration. Or maybe a chemical peel you can do at home to thoroughly exfoliate and stimulate fresh skin growth?

Anonymous said: where did your white furry rug/mat that you sometimes use as a backdrop for your product photos?

eBay (brand new of course)! I knew what I wanted pretty specifically so I just kept searching and narrowing filters until I found one in budget. It’s sort of a pain to clean but my cat loves it, and it fills a room well.

Anonymous said: What do you keep doing to your face? Ugh you were so naturally beautiful before you got all that work done on you.

Wow! A little bit rude, no? Backhanded at least. “All that work”? Hilarious and uninformed.

Anonymous said: I was wondering if the triangl bathing suit bottoms are comfortable. I am used to a smaller back coverage, but the ones online all look like they're full coverage.

I’m used to smaller back coverage as well, so I actually don’t use the bottoms at all and only use the tops.  If you’re curvy like I am, even a little bit, order a size up on the bottoms because they don’t offer any stretch.  They aren’t uncomfortable… I just don’t really like the look of the full bottom that doesn’t mold to your shape because the fabric is so thick.  Theres some more information -here, where I reviewed my Triangl purchases- incase you wanted to know a little more about it.

Anonymous said: how many nights a week do you typically work and what do you do in your time off? you are so interesting!

Hahah, the funny thing is I can’t even tell if you’re making fun of me for staying home with my cat all the time or if you really think I’m interesting for some reason!

Working both dayclub & nightclub operations makes my schedule ever-changing, and I do promotions on the side as well (beer companies, car companies, etc).

In my time off… I sleep!  And I try to travel, if I can.  Movies and concerts are great too, if I’m not too burnt out on large crowds.

Anonymous said: What are some of you favorite false lashes?

I stock up most on Red Cherry #42, Ardell Wispies, & Ardell Double Up

Anonymous said: I know you've talked about your favorite makeup products before, but can you PLEASE do a blogpost about it on ellekae,com?! I would die, you are flawless my dear.

Seriously thank you guys for the feedback on what you want to see there, it helps a lot!  My camera lens is broken (thanks to my lovely cat) and I really want quality photos on that site— but when it comes back from repair I’ll definitely work on it :)

And you’re so sweet, thank you and thanks for following!

Side-note:  September has really brought with it a much more positive batch of anonymous user comments… not mad about it.


Anonymous said: Do you want to stay in your current career path or venture somewhere else if you had the chance?

One can only be a VIP waitress for so long, it’s inevitable that I’ll need to switch before I “get too old.”  I’m having fun for now, but it is overwhelming at times.

Anonymous said: Where do you buy your lingerie? It's beautiful!

First instinct: holy f*#% where are there pictures of me in lingerie floating around?!  But you probably mean whats peaking out from my low cut tops in the latest photos?  If I’m trying to stay a little more covered than my clothing would allow, I like to throw on some thin lace bralettes over my bra for coverage.

This week I’ve been throwing on an old bralette by Pins & Needles (Urban Outfitters), similar to this one, and this one by the same brand.  Free People has dainty intimates, too- like this bra, or this lacy halter, or a good plunge with underwire.  Favorite though?  The "Skivvies" line by For Love & Lemons in partnership with Free People.  Favorite Skivvies: Vanity strappy bra, Bat your lashes bra, and the Rose bud bra.

For sexier wear, I always shop the sales on Agent Provocateur and La Perla for full sets.


(Edit: I just realized all these links are broken . Eek sorry!)

Anonymous said: Would you be willing to do a makeup tutorial please? Love your daily look!

I’ll definitely think about it.  It’s not that I’m not willing to share the process, its just that I feel weird trying to “teach” anyone being that I’m not a professional myself.  Make sure to follow the blog by email or bloglovin’ so you don’t miss the makeup tutorial, if I do it :)