Anonymous said: I know you've talked about your favorite makeup products before, but can you PLEASE do a blogpost about it on ellekae,com?! I would die, you are flawless my dear.

Seriously thank you guys for the feedback on what you want to see there, it helps a lot!  My camera lens is broken (thanks to my lovely cat) and I really want quality photos on that site— but when it comes back from repair I’ll definitely work on it :)

And you’re so sweet, thank you and thanks for following!

Side-note:  September has really brought with it a much more positive batch of anonymous user comments… not mad about it.


Anonymous said: Do you want to stay in your current career path or venture somewhere else if you had the chance?

One can only be a VIP waitress for so long, it’s inevitable that I’ll need to switch before I “get too old.”  I’m having fun for now, but it is overwhelming at times.

Anonymous said: Where do you buy your lingerie? It's beautiful!

First instinct: holy f*#% where are there pictures of me in lingerie floating around?!  But you probably mean whats peaking out from my low cut tops in the latest photos?  If I’m trying to stay a little more covered than my clothing would allow, I like to throw on some thin lace bralettes over my bra for coverage.

This week I’ve been throwing on an old bralette by Pins & Needles (Urban Outfitters), similar to this one, and this one by the same brand.  Free People has dainty intimates, too- like this bra, or this lacy halter, or a good plunge with underwire.  Favorite though?  The "Skivvies" line by For Love & Lemons in partnership with Free People.  Favorite Skivvies: Vanity strappy bra, Bat your lashes bra, and the Rose bud bra.

For sexier wear, I always shop the sales on Agent Provocateur and La Perla for full sets.


(Edit: I just realized all these links are broken . Eek sorry!)

Anonymous said: Would you be willing to do a makeup tutorial please? Love your daily look!

I’ll definitely think about it.  It’s not that I’m not willing to share the process, its just that I feel weird trying to “teach” anyone being that I’m not a professional myself.  Make sure to follow the blog by email or bloglovin’ so you don’t miss the makeup tutorial, if I do it :)


Anonymous said: Could you talk more about beauty skin products? Anything new you have tried? What do you recommend? Thanks!

Thank you for being so vocal!  I’ll take this suggestion to heart and start working on a post :) It’s helpful to hear what people want to read more of / less of / etc.


Anonymous said: Your pictures got so much better. What app did you start using or whats the trick

Thanks… I think?

I started using my new Sony a6000 - its great.  I don’t have photoshop or lightroom so I’ve been wifi-ing them from cam to iPhone, and playing with white balance and saturation in vsco cam.

Anonymous said: Will you stop posting on your tumblr now?

No It’ll stay active— I think my blog and my tumblr-blog serve different purposes.  I just sort of like how clean and organized my dot com is for certain content, as opposed to the stream of reblogs on tumblr (which is also fun… but, again, for different things).


Anonymous said: Did you have to submit a drug test when hired with Tao group?

You have to take a drug test for EVERY company in Vegas.

Anonymous said: knowing where you work, can you give me your honest pro / con comparison of marque vs hakkasan? also, if i'm coming into lv with 2 or 3 peeps, is that too few for vip table service?

They are different atmospheres, I think.  Both can be fun and a lot about what you’ll think of each place will depend on who is DJ’ing the night you go, and what kind of music you like.  I had worked at Hakkasan before attending as a guest, so I think that skews my perspective.  Before I lived in Vegas, Marquee was one of my favorite clubs and was part of the reason I wanted to cocktail in Vegas.  There isn’t really a pro/con list that I can type up for you… I just personally prefer the “warmth” and energy of Marquee as opposed to the cavernous feel of Hakkasan.  No way, I serve smaller parties all the time.  The only difference between having a party of 3 and a party of 5 is that you’ll each be paying a higher amount if you split the bill, and you might end up with more alcohol than you can drink.  But I have faith in you.  You can email me at for reservations if you’d like~

Anonymous said: Hi Lauren! Can you suggest any great places to do hair on Oahu? I get stuck with this dilemma more often than not and haven't found a place that I absolutely love. I'm hoping to get a cut and color at a reasonable price. Thank you for always being so sweet and patient with all of our incessant questions. Your new 'do is amaze!


You’re so sweet, thank you!! Still getting used to it.  On Oahu, I would go to “Salon Reve” in town.  If I recall correctly they have a lot of good reviews on yelp and depending what you get done, they are reasonably priced.  Specifically, Holly is a stylist there and so many of my pickiest friends trust her exclusively.  You can look up #HollyHair or @HMBhnl on instagram to see some examples.  I used to go to Reve, or RyanJacobie Salon in Chinatown.  The thing about RyanJacobie is that some of the stylists are great and some are a bit of a miss, I just can’t remember the name of who I used to go to- oops!  Good luck~!

Anonymous said: So its 12:51am here on the east coast. I'm still at the office trying to get a presentation out the door. I bet when you're at work at 12:51am, you're having a blast. I need some motivation to get me through to the end of this project ... any words of encouragement?

None come to mind… the only thing I can say is that, if you’re a man, hire a cute little secretary who wears tight pencil skirts and fashionable heels and let that ease your pain.  Eye candy always helps.

Anonymous said: tabloids? but this is tumblr. ok I guess

My point is, it’s against policy. Why do you care so much.

Anonymous said: How tall are you?

Short. 5’3- 5’4 ish

Anonymous said: Sworn to secrecy? Why go out to one of the most popular clubs in Vegas only to want to keep it a secret? Ok...

Why are you giving me attitude about it? Not every celebrity wants their business in tabloids etc, and to respect that is a company policy.

Anonymous said: What celebrities have you met while on the job? And who was the best?

Sworn to secrecy 😉 Most celebrities don’t like their business being spread around so we have to respect that.

I don’t get excited about celebrities very much, but there have def been a few I’ve fan girled over.