😸 Club #kittyMila 😽💕 (at Bonanza’s Naughty Town)

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My new lifestyle blog is up!  Read up on Ellekae.com where you can also subscribe for email updates :)  A full post on New York will be up soon, as well as some new recipes!

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Mobbin around town with this grumpy gills in my celine. I have little faith in our generation based on the amount of people who thought I had a real cat in there… || #grumpycat #stuffedanimalBTW (at Zenshin Asian Restaurant)

"People are like balls of yarn. For the most part they’re boring and useless, but I still get a lot of pleasure out of watching them unravel" -an excerpt from my signed edition of "The Grumpy Guide to Life" by my homegirl @realGrumpyCat || #grumpycat #grumpyisms (at Kitson - the Linq)

What is it about not drinking alcohol at a club that is so exhausting? I couldn’t even stay out late enough for the strip club 😔😔😔

🚨ATTN: Just a reminder that #MarqueeMondays is here @marqueelv🚨 We have 👉Cosmic Gate👈 for you tonight— check in under “Lauren King” at the staff guestlist line for complementary entry + drink !! Xoxo || #cosmicgate #marqueenightclub

You’ve got this new head filled up with smoke, I’ve got my veins all tangled close… 🎶 (at Bonanza’s Naughty Town)

Thinking about going shorter


I hate you!

Ariel’s three fishies