So, my scratch card 🍒 was popped… And not only did I lose, but I also cracked my phone as well. #Notmyluckyday (at Mojave Desert)

Butterbeer Latte, Mexican Mocha Latte, vegan blueberry muffin & an alien burrito 👽👽 || #lchealthy #SunriseCoffeeShop (at Sunrise Coffee)

She is so tiny in person!

Wearing some real grumpy socks to go meet the @RealGrumpyCat || #aggressive #tisci #af1 #grumpycat (at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas)

I went to yoga today with a small to-do list for the way home… “Go to apple store for new MacBook cord”. This is what I left the mall with :(

Coco Box as previously mentioned

Words of wisdom by Dr. Seuss || #whoville