I found the perfect boots, just not the perfect price tag.

Balmain Black Suede Thigh-High Boots $2700

Nina Ricci Red Fox-Fur Trimmed Layered Tango Parka

(Source: killingheels)

Givenchy Retro Sunglasses.  Tortoise + cat eye + understated logos = choice.  

Future Architect:

When building my dream home future home, please keep in mind these requirements;

  • Illuminating skylights
  • Dark wood— lots of dark wood
  • Transparency
  • Dissolving boundaries
  • Walk in closet (keywords: baroque, modern)
  • Infinity pool
  • Floor to ceiling windows, floor to ceiling mirrors


This Winter Break happens to be one of the busiest times of the entire year for me.  The shop is crazy busy, the bar is crazy packed, and all of my crazy friends are out of class.  If you haven’t purchased anything for me for Christmas yet (you definitely don’t need to, first of all), then please just pick me up a little planner.  I realize that my iPhone has a Calendar app, and I appreciate that it updates all of my Apple systems… but theres just something about making lists and physically writing things down that I need.  So, once again, a calendar.  Please.  Because my mind is overflowing with things and dates to remember and I just can’t…

Housewarming gift ideas!  Available through The Conran Shop.

Vivienne Westwood “Skeleton Bracelet” Gold

If I had 3 wishes…

(At this exact moment) I would wish for:

  • Enough money to afford the furniture at Design Within Reach
  • An Ikea in Hawaii
  • Again, seriously, an Ikea in Hawaii

Hello bolt studded corners and pebbled leather.

Alexander Wang Prisma Wallet

Is it justifiable because it’s on sale?

Alexander Wang Dakota Lace Up Bootie